Bikram Yoga Campbell River

Welcome to Bikram Yoga Campbell River

Look for our Fall schedule starting October 4th, with an open house to kick it off on October 4 & 5.

Our 1-month introductory offer will be ending soon. New students get 1 month of yoga for $30 until October 1st.

Our next 30- and 60- day challenges start October 14th.

Bikram Yoga is the original HOT YOGA. Whether you are about to try yoga for the first time or you are an experienced Yogi, our classes will provide you with a complete physical workout at your level.

Come prepared to sweat, stretch and get stronger. Bikram Choudhury designed this 90 minute yoga class to balance and strengthen every system in the body. In addition to reducing stress and improving physical health, this series of 26 postures improves concentration, patience, determination and mental clarity. You do not need to be fit or flexible to practice Bikram Yoga; your starting point is now, and you will work from there.

Bikram Yoga Campbell River is situated downtown at 926 Island Highway, across from Ostler Park.

Sign up for classes, buy gift certificates, and view the teaching schedule here