Bikram Yoga Campbell River

Bikram Yoga
Level: Beginners, All levels
Temperature: Hot, 105 degrees fahrenheit

Our primary practice (as our name suggests) is Bikram’s Beginning Yoga. Bikram Yoga is the original "Hot Yoga". It consists of 26 Hatha Yoga postures (asanas) and 2 breathing exercises, all practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Every asana is a challenge based on each individual's abilities, and results are directly related to the amount of effort put into each class. You can expect that your hard work will result in relief of chronic pain, release of resistant joints and tissues, healing of old injuries, prevention of future injuries, and much more. Your Bikram Yoga practice will help to restore your body to be as nature intended - balanced, strong, and free of toxins.

It is recommended that you practice Bikram Yoga as often as possible, especially when you are beginning your yoga practice. Frequent practice multiplies the benefits and is like a “reset” button for your systems. We know that you are busy, so think of Bikram Yoga as an investment in yourself and in your ability to keep doing the things you want to do for a long time.

Why the heat? The first thing that you will notice about Bikram Yoga is that it is hot. You will sweat more than you have ever imagined, and it is wonderful. You are not just stretching and sweating in this class, you are changing your body as you practice each asana. The heat will increase the rate of results, give you a feeling of complete detoxification, challenge your body, and change your mind. We understand that the heat can be challenging at first, so please be patient with yourself. Do no despair. With continued practice, the heat will become la best friend.